FG Series Ventilate Super Water Sterilizer

This series adopt the sterilization principle of mixed pressure by air and steam. Through one or several double-speed air blowers with high energy, the mixed gas compellingly cycles in the middle of sterilizing products. This not only provides better heat penetrability, but also guarantees the even distribution of temperature. This series is mainly designed to sterilize products whose container and package must be dried after cooling (ex. checking, labeling, packing, etc.) It is suitable for all industries to sterilize PE or PP plastic bottles and PVC or compound plastic soft package liquids.

Product Description

Structure & Capability & Characteristics

– Vessels is designed to the China National Standard -GB150 (Steel Pressure Vessel)
– Electric translation door, easy to operate, flexible.
– Door is sealed up with silicon rubber, it is sealed and reliable.
– The GMP confirmation accessis fixed on the equipment.
– Excellent PID temperature controlling technology, accurate pressure tracking on real-time.
– Independent temperature monitoring system.
– Rapid cooling and drying system.

Untuk pengiriman diluar jakarta, kami bisa membantu mengirimkan melalui ekspedisi yang lebih murah seperti :
– Pahala ekspress
– Dakota
– Dll.

Silakan pilih ekspedisi yang tersedia atau dapat langsung berdiskusi dengan kami untuk pengiriman menggunakan ekspedisi lainnya.
Dan Kami juga menyediakan Service mesin dan Menjual Sparepart Mesin yang Bapak/Ibu butuhkan.
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Telp / WA CS1 : +6287881236547

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